An Inside Look At The Private Lives of The Ultra-Elite With SEI Club Dating

October 19, 2016

Fewer things are more fascinating than the private lives of the ultra-affluent. We long to know what really happens behind closed doors… what are their personal experiences when the spotlight has been turned off for the day. Now, these same exceptional gentlemen and women who date through SEI Club have begun to share their personal dating experiences in the form of . Apparently, the club’s dating services are worth their weight in gold, as most members seem to be very satisfied with their matchmaking and dating experiences. Although their privacy is preserved, SEI Club reviews certainly give a valuable inside peek at the fun they have as members. Says one SEI Club member, “Julia is perfect for me. She is beautiful (what a face), she has many interests… she is intelligent, articulate, and passionate. I have not found myself so intensely attracted to anyone is such a long time. You guys were on the money.” SEI Club women appear...


October 19, 2016

Hellas Construction is supporting many high schools and universities – we all have our favorite team but the prevention of injuries and concussions is important for everyone. In the midst of football season Hellas Construction is launching its own to increase the awareness and how to build a safer synthetic turf field for athletes. A “safer” sports field is one that has a consistent and low G-max or shock absorption. By installing a underneath the turf an artificial turf field will retain a consistent G-max over time, improve drainage, and ensure planarity. It’s simply a better way to build a field and it is providing a safer, more efficient long-term investment for the buyer. An unsafe field has a high G-max and can lead to an increase in concussions. A higher G-max, or harder surface, may be due to compaction, lost infill or turf fibers from wear and tear. The Cushdrain pad is an elastic layer that is paved in place over the laser-graded...

FishyTale Digital creating innovative immersive storytelling platform for kids

October 19, 2016

Eric Luttio, CEO of FishyTale Digital, Inc. is excited to announce the formation of FishyTale Digital Inc. FishyTale Digital is a Bellevue based corporation that has developed disruptive technology that will change the way children read and interact with books. Leveraging a unique, proprietary software platform to create fully interactive, feature-rich 2D and 3D animated content across a range of digital devices, including computers, tablets, phones, smart TV, augmented (AR), mixed (MR) and virtual reality (VR) devices and headsets. FishyTale’s mission is to fundamentally change the way children read and interact with content, creating vibrant, captivating experiences that enhance academic and social learning. Ted Evans, FishyTale’s President and Creative Director, sees the platform as a valuable tool to aid children with learning disabilities “the technology is customized to the child’s learning level and style, and their progress can be monitored...

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1st Art Gallery Announces Availability of “Aged & Cracked” Oil Paintings

October 18, 2016

1st Art Gallery is announcing the availability of new “Aged & Cracked” fine art reproductions. Highly regarded for the detail-oriented approach employed by its talented artists, the newly available involves the use of vintage canvas as well as special oils. Renowned for its unique ability to reproduce oil paintings completely indistinguishable from the original work of art, 1st Art Gallery is now announcing the availability of a new service that will add an even greater air of authenticity to each reproduced painting. Incorporating the new “Aged & Cracked” service along with its already extensive fine art reproduction capabilities, the company has further ensured its status as the foremost provider of museum-quality reproductions for fine art connoisseurs regardless of the subject, movement, or time period. Through the use of vintage canvas, specially selected oils, and a highly technical approach employed by exceptionally talented...

Local Roofing Company to Give Away Roof To Deserving Family

October 19, 2016

EZ Roof & EZ Restoration, a locally owned and operated roofing company based in Birmingham, Alabama, is answering a need in a big way by providing new roofs to deserving families. In efforts to give back to the local community, EZ Roof is holding the “EZ Roof Giveaway” contest where deserving families are nominated to win a full roof replacement at no charge. Owner Gerry Rotter says this of the contest, “As a family owned business with deep community ties, we know just how important it is to support our friends and neighbors. And we know that by helping those that need a hand, we will only make our community stronger. While we’ve been doing that on a small scale, we want to do something bigger. If there is one thing we’ve learned over the years, it is that everyone needs a roof, but not everyone can afford the unexpected expense it brings. We want to fix that, one roof at a time.” Nominations will be accepted via EZ Roof’s website at , via...

New Photo Book "Skin Deep: Looking Beyond The Tattoos" Shares stories from Ex-Gang Members Trying to Rebuild There Lives

October 18, 2016

For the first time in nearly twenty years, Francisco Flores gazes at a photograph of himself without tattoos. He shakes his head and, after a long pause, mutters a simple, “wow.” The fading ink that can be seen on his face, neck, and arms was from a different time—but it continues to impact his life.  Tattoo-removal is a painful and difficult process that typically takes years to complete, but Flores is one of the participants in a new series from Photographer Steven Burton. Inspired by the tattoo removal services provided by Homeboy Industries—a nonprofit that helps formerly gang-involved men and women rebuild their lives after incarceration—Burton took striking photographs and then digitally removed tattoos participants’ tattoos.  Burton spent two years and nearly 400 hours of Photoshop to complete the series, which includes the side-by-side depictions along with the harrowing but hopeful stories shared by each person...

Merger of BlackOps Cyber and GhostSec Thwarts Brussels Terror Attack

October 19, 2016

GhostSec, formerly part of the Anonymous collective, has merged with an established intelligence agency. GhostSec has been instrumental in helping authorities around the world to prevent terror attacks and locate persons of interest connected to terrorism and cybercrime. On September 22, a terror plot against, in Belgium, was thwarted due to intel uncovered by GhostSec, an online counterterrorism unit which has been instrumental in thwarting terror attacks in the past. GhostSec recently merged with BlackOps Cyber (BOC), an intel agency which provides a wide range of services including intel collection, darknet operations, threat analysis, monitoring of threat actors and counterterrorism services. The threat emanated from a jihadist account on Twitter. According to BOC, the threats were discovered in a series of tweets and revealed an imminent plan to carry out an attack on the university in Brussels. From prior intel collected, BOC operatives knew...

Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services Staff is 100% iLandman Certified

October 18, 2016

Every lease analyst, division order analyst, and land manager that is a part of the Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services staff has successfully completed the  training and earned a certificate! “We have specialists that have used iLandman over the years, but now everyone on our team is ready to use it to better serve our customers.  We are pleased to have our expertise in the iLandman system acknowledged in this way; it shows just how much P&P continues to strive to be the best land administration services provider to the oil & gas industry.” – Chris Pettigrew iLandman is the dominant field landman online system, and they have made great strides towards achieving the same success with in-house land departments.  Pettigrew & Pettigrew has always been at the forefront of technology, utilizing every innovation to increase efficiency and better serve our customers; from digital document management a decade...

Maplink Acquires Optilogistic, a French Logistics Software Company

October 18, 2016

Maplink, a Brazilian technology company that is a leader in geolocation and logistics solutions, announced this morning the acquisition of French logistics software company Optilogistic – which specializes in the development of logistics solutions for the European market. Movile, a global leader in mobile commerce, led the deal. The investment complements Maplink’s portfolio and will transfer to the company more than 60 customers from Europe, Latin America, North America and Africa. The acquisition underpins Movile’s and Maplink’s global expansion strategy and promises to bring benefits to customers in all the countries where these companies operate. Benefits like payments in local currency, geolocation and mobile cloud services. The acquisition was for R$ 20 million and includes expanding the teams in Europe and the Americas. The Global 3rd party Logistics (3PL) market is expected to reach USD 1 trillion by 2022 which represents a 4.4% overall... Announces the Best Offshore Providers of 2016

October 17, 2016

launched in early 2016 and has already received nearly 750 reviews of businesses in the offshore financial sector.    We are pleased to announce the best offshore companies as rated by our reviewers! Best Offshore Bank: First Citizens Bank, Trinidad and Tobago, 97% Rating Best Offshore Incorporator:  , USA, 98% Rating is a leading offshore provider specializing in offshore banking, forming offshore companies, offshore trusts and offshore IRA’s. They offer free consultations to explain offshore banking, why offshore banking is beneficial and why you might want to open an offshore bank account, form an offshore company and trust or set up an offshore IRA.  Best Offshore Registered Agent: Fincos Financial & Corporate Services, St. Lucia, 100% rating. Best Offshore Brokerage: , Panama, 99% Rating ...

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